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Downloadable Stand alone software for Certificate expiry tracking


New Member
Morning, Happy New Year…
Hopefully something simple, from those with more experience

I am looking for a piece of software, or a downloadable stand alone program to track Insurance Certificate Expirys.
Yes, I could do this in Excel, or Outlook, but its very intensive for setup, and to keep up to date.
I have searched extensively for something, but most of the players in the market want you to sign up for a demo, or to use their cloud based programs, which if requiring everything needed to do this, is quite the monthly expense.
Due to contracts, and financial agreements currently in place, “uploading” a clients’ cert, either violates that contract or agreement, and trying to find out about the 3rd party policy’s in place from those companies to protect that data, is a very convoluted process.
I don't want to sign up for a demo
I don’t want to discuss options ad nauseum
There are way to many companies to hve to sign up for, and discuss this over and over again.

I would like to find a program, that I could download, and pay for, that allows me/us to do this locally, entering certificate info, and setting up alerts, using various email addresses, or other contact info options.

Would even look at the option of being able to purchase the software, and rebrand it to use locally, on local machines, and not cloud based (or use our own cloud, instead of a 3rd party’s)

So, does anyone reading this have any ideas, as to how this could be accomplished.
Appreciate your time and thoughts
Check out C2COI. It is a subscription service, it's inexpensive, and works. Say HI to Chris for me
Thanks, looks promising, but again have to upload a clients COI, which is what the 50 others sites/vendors want also, trying to keep things in-house as opposed to violating contracts, or having to renegotiate with clients to include a 3rd party outside source…thanks though, will keep it in mind if forced to