Drug abuse and Health Insurance...

If someone has been treated for drug abuse, how does that affect getting or changing thier health insurance.
Oh God, this is TOO easy... Has your drug abuse kept you from getting coverage?

Okay, had to do that.

Years ago I tried to get insurance for someone who had completed a treatment program and was apparently clean for about 18 months. The company wanted 5 years treatment free.

I don't run into that much but once in awhile someone will contact me. They seem to be in therapy so that would disqualify them for pre-existing reasons.

Congratulations on kicking the habit.:D:D:D

Damn, another one of my high volume customers going straight on me. Hey Senior, I got bills to pay you know. I may have to contact my PPL Spokesman, and order one of those scary letters.
Rick is correct. 5 years seems to be the rule with all my carriers. Free & clear 5 yrs.

Whether or not they will then try to rider a recurrence will depend on the state where the plan is being written and the carrier.
Yep, drug abuse is a 5 year wait here also. They say that you have to be clean that long so you don't have ideas about going back....Okay, whatever....
I had a client with rehab in his history just this week. Most of the carriers I work with do have a 5 year rule. However, this is the rule from Aetna (Connecticut):

Alcohol-2 years to be considered for a B rate (25% rate up)
Marijuana-no use in 6 months for a B rate
Other illegal Drugs-must be 5 years out for B rate
Prescription Drugs-no use in 2 years for B rate
IV use-permanent decline

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