DSL vs Roadrunner


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Does anyone have experience with both DSL and Roadrunner... I have been using Roadrunner through my cable company since it became available and I always had the assumption that Roadrunner was faster than DSL.

Speaking to my bell rep yesterday, she is telling me that DSL is almost twice as fast as Roadrunner... they are sending me a 30 day free trial for their DSL package. Prices are about the same so price is not an issue.

Am I wasting my time on this or is the bell rep on the money.

Feedback please... Thanks,

Cable most often can attain higher raw speeds... up to 12M, but usually they standardize on 6 or 8

You can get 8Mbps in some RR areas.

DSL usually maxes out at 6Mpbs.

Raw speed is not the best guide. With cable it depends on how many nodes they put on a 'pod'. If they overload it, you get a ton of kids playing internet games and the bandwidth degrades terribly.

With DSL it depends on how close you are to the central office (CO) or if there is a repeater near you.

The gurus on all of this live at: http://www.dslreports.com
and for RR you can join the forum (like this one) and ask about speed, etc:

If RR works well for you, why change?

Also, 6 or 8 Mbps does not buy you a whole lot unless you are downloading huge video files. The difference in time to download a few emails or a typical web page is inconsequential at 3M to 6M. A half second vs. a quarter of a second? How good are YOUR eyes!!!

Most folks find that 3M is fine for everyday use. Try to remember that you are also limited to how fast the server is on the other end that is sending you data For example, the sever for this this forum sometimes runs like a snail and sometimes it is fine. It depends on how many websites are being hosted on it. One heavily-used porn site can drag down every other domain hosted on the server.

Thanks Al! Think I'll stay put... changing is not worth the ag.


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