E & O for P & C new start up agency


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Does anybody know where I can get E & O insurance for my new start up P & C agency? Most of them I contacted don't accept new start up. If anybody knows the price range, it will be helpful too.

Thanks a bunch, MJT
I'm a new start-up also. Calsurance. Tell them you are getting an appointment and show them proof. The quote I got was $2450 due to be a new start-up. thats P&C and L&H. It will reduce after a few years.
I am throwing myself into this new market as well. Have been focused on L&H. Taking the P&C test 12/12. Have E&O already for existing lines and have targeted Hartford, Travelers, Zurich and Safeco to become appointed. Is it really difficult to become appointed as P&C agent if you are breaking into this market?
A couple of options are the Independent Insurance Agents Association in your state. They seem to be pretty pricey in NM.

Another would be an online brokerage company like www.insurancenoodle.com or an access and surplus lines carrier like www.burnsandwilcox.com or www.colonialgeneral.com There are tons of these types of sites.

My advice is don't waist your time on the site. Get the phone number from there and call directly.

I have been in the P&C industry for many years and a few years ago started a new scratch agency. Had to shop for carriers for this new agency. CNA came back at about 1100 for P&C and L&H. May be completely different in which ever state you are in.

Best of luck
Well I passed the Illinois Property & Casulty exams this past Friday. Hopefully someone will allow reasonable E&O so far 3k seems to be the number.
I would hate to put up the money or even finance the money without being able to get contracted!!! What I am reading on some threads is this is an issue if you are new to P&C...any insurers out there willing to reply?