Effective Newspaper Ads


I was thinking about running an ad regarding life insurance in our local paper. The ad would focus on traditional (non-securities) products. I want to offer a policy review.

I was thinking some lines like this:

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance coverage and policies?

Do you own a life insurance policy that is not performing as expected? I can help you analyze your policy.

Do you own a term insurance product? I may be able to find you a better rate.

Tell me what you guys think. Have you ever run an ad? What was successful? I am also thinking of developing some door hangers to distribute when the weather gets cooler.

hOW ABOUT IF YOUR hvac co ran an ad like that?

Or anyone else....would you drop what you're doing and call?

You need a concept.....a reason for them to call you.
Sorry, but I don't think that type of ad works. You may be better off showing a grid of term rates at selected ages for different amounts with the standard caveat: These rates are based on Super Duper Ultra Preferred rates and your chances of getting these rates are about 1 in 15.

OK...I guess the caveat does not have to be that strongly worded.

Reader like to look at charts much more than reading an ad about life insurance.
The life ads that work are the ones like Chumps suggests. You run them week after week in the same place. Eventually the phone will ring.

Most states (and carriers) require you to disclose the name of the carrier, advise these are rates for folks who can walk on water and give the policy form.
The question for me is, does this kind of advertising work? I never see ads in major papers for insurance products which is odd since there's a lot of huge agencies in MD that obviously have the budget for it.

I see literally full color page ads for car dealerships every single week. Is anyone tried to convince me that a full color page ad in the Sunday paper for something like health insurance wouldn't work?
My guess is that you don't see these ads because of advertising regulations for insurance that are established by the DOI in a given state.

For example, in KS, the rules are very stringent & the companies you represent have to be named, have to have approved the ad, and have to retain a copy of this ad at the home office for auditing purposes. If you carry multiple companies & want to reference that in any way, it becomes an arduous process.

Other states have different rules, but this is a thought on why you may not see them in some markets.
Look in USA Today. There is one in there almost every day.

Same for the WSJ.

Our local paper has one almost every Sunday. Some of the neighbor weekly's also have them.

I have two friends who started advertising in the paper almost 20 years ago. Same ad every week on Monday in the business section. They also ran the ad in a local business weekly and in a parish newsletter. Later they started advertising in the WSJ.

It took them about 6 months of steady advertising to get legs. Their 3rd year in the business they were spending $20k each month on advertising. They wouldn't tell me how much they grossed but long before they got to their third year they had moved out of Gerry's basement and had a real office with 800 sq ft. They also hired a secretary.

Gerry was able to get rid of his old beater wagon and drive a new Audi. John had a nice set of wheels as well.

About 5 years ago Gerry sold his house in the burbs. Gave up the office and moved to a cabin (4000 sq ft) on a mountain top with 12 acres.

I think he did OK running an ad over & over again.
Honestly, I would skip advertising in the newspaper. It's really not that effective in this industry. I'm not knocking newspapers - they're great if you're having a sale, opening a new store or for classifieds. I don't think too many people are going to call you from your insurance ad though. I don't know too many people who make a profit from this.