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Just a FYI:

We have been told that Medicare will be using more "mystory shoppers" this year.

I know that this is usually said to keep agents on the up and up, but I do take it with some weight as I have talked to a lot of seniors who were confused on their plans. I have had numerous sign up for other plans and did not realize they were actually enrolling.

Anyone had any experience with Medicare using a shopper?
From what I understand, the DC area is big on this since the government is right in the backyard.

I just hope no one here ends up on the 6:00 news as "that guy".
I know that there are for Medicare Advantage Plans but I haven't heard for regular medicare. If you sell MA plans, always be sure to get a scope of appointment and always divulge to your potential clients (at the appointment) that you are a licensed agent and will be compensated. Those are the top 2 things CMS is looking for, as well as the actual company that sends out mystery shoppers. Also, be really wary about people calling you acting like they are in a big hurry and have to meet you immediately. And if they can't remember who referred them to you? Those are dead give-aways.