F&R Healthcare


Super Genius
Good Morning, what can everyone tell me about F&R Healthcare?:cool: I have done some research on-line and I can not find very much info good or bad about them. From what I can tell, the worse thing about them is that they do sell UA's products lol. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Use the search function next to the new posts button just above. I found about 10 threads relating to them. I typed in Farm and Ranch
Is that the same as Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc. in Fort Worth? NOT impressed. In addition to UA, they sell a cheesy discount card called "Heartland Alliance of America"...:nah:
They sell Assurant, Today's Options, Mutual of Omaha/United World, and a few other carriers but my impression is that their bread and butter is the UA limited pay plan coupled with the Heartland discount. It has "representing UA" on their business cards.