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Hello, do I have a question for you. I work at a company that has great health plans. I also have my mother living with me. She doesn't earn much at the job she works at, and they do not offer insuance. My question is, is there anyway through doctors, lawyers, or loop holes that I could get my mother on my insuance. I have blue croos blue shield of alabama through Dyncorp INT. She spoke to her doctor, but I don't think he was informative on this subject, and she did not ask the right questions. She is getting up in age and I am afraid the bills are going to keep climbing. Thank you very much
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Contact the Alabama Department of Insurance. Across the country at certain times during the year the different states will have whats called an "open enrollment" where whoever the health carrier at the time is.. must look at the individuals who are applying or needing health coverage and they are NOT supposed to be turned away. (these are certain carriers that provide a group health coverage managed by the STATE).

The rates though are a different story. When you call just ask for the
CONSUMER DIVISION (number: 334-241-4141). There are certain requirements that have to be met in order for some to qualify.. for example.. certain life events -- divorce, spousal death, exhausted cobra coverage etc. However, after a certain age.. other factors are looked at.

Hope this helps..
If your mother can be considered a dependent under your health insurance plan, then she can be covered. Read your policy & check with HR for a definition of qualified dependent.
If your mother can be considered a dependent under your health insurance plan, then she can be covered.

no way in hell.....they will kick your own kids off your plan at 25(if he is retarded or totally disabled he can stay) if she was retarded or severally disabled she could get gov. disability and medicaid...
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Do you claim her on your tax return? If not then forget about even trying to add her to your group plan. Even if you do, it could still be difficult. Depends on how your group plan defines "dependents".

Do you currently have dependent coverage on your group plan now? If not, there is a cost involved.

You mentioned wanting to do something before the bills continue to climb. Does that mean they are already significant? If yes, then she may not qualify for an individual plan.

If she doesn't have pre-existing conditions you may want to get her an individual plan. At her age, (how old is she?) it may be costly, but look at how long before she qualifies for Medicare.

If she only has a year or so before Medicare then you may want to consider an STM (short-term medical) policy. It's not a typical policy. There are no copays for Dr visits or prescriptions, and everything falls under the deductible & co-insurance. A better question is does she qualify for Medicare? Check with the Social Security office to find out if she has the minimum 40 quarters of qualifying coverage. That means she has to of had worked for a minimum of 10 years and paid Social Security taxes during that time period.

I'd recommend speaking with the agent of record for your employer, someone in your HR department, and with the insurance company. If they're of no help, then call the Department of Insurance and get their opinion. Hope that helps
It depends on the plan and the way dependents are defined. The group plan can cover mom in some cases. She does not have to be on Medicare.

I have seen it done before.
Group contracts define dependents independent of any support issues, such as would be the case for tax purposes.

Each plan is different.

In the case of adults, you need to look at how the plan defines a custodial parent or guardian. If you are responsible for the care of your parents under a court order then you may be able to have them covered under your group plan.

The operative word is may . . .
My mother is 58 years old.. She has had a historectomy that screwed her blader up and she has to go pee in cups about every 3 to 4 months to insure the blood stops. She had this done about 4 years ago, so I don't see it getting better. She has resently divorced my stepdad, whitch believe it or not also has passed away even more resent, but long enough for the beneficiaries to change. She made a little over $6,000 last year, the cut off was $3,500, so I could not claim her on taxes. All her money goes to pay off credit cards, vehicle payments, and other loans. I will look at the policy and get back to you. Thank you very much

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like I said before....medicaid..or you can pay her ind. health insurance prem.....