Favorite Carriers


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I would love to hear the reasons behind the carriers that some of you use in your respective market. Personally, I like Assurant, Golden Rule and Aetna in that order w/ my reasons below.

* Excellent agent support
* Top notch plans based on easy to read policy language and accessibility
* Rate Lock Guarantee
* Top Producer Club Eligibility
* Sales Assistant/Underwriter
* Friendly customer service
* Download/online quoting software
* Applications sent online and fast turnaround time for healthy applicants.
- Premiums are higher than anybody else, so I have to rely more upon value, which is hard somebody for somebody new.

Golden Rule
* Competitive Quotes
* Friendly customer service
* Downloadable/Online quoting software
* Medium-level plans
* Product training is top-notch
- Software needs to be updated
- cannot obtain sample certificate of coverage
- Decline anybody who isn't healthy

* Friendly customer service
* Plans are medium to high level
* Second most leniest carrier in MD regarding underwriting
- No downloadable software
- Drug cap needs to go
- Cannot obtain sample certificate of coverage

That about covers it thus far......
I don't have a favorite. In Tennessee, they all suck equally. I tend to default to BCBS, because every doctor accepts it and it tends to provide the most bang for the buck.

But, good luck trying to get anyone approved who has ever seen a doctor for any reason. And, by the way, those 12% commissions are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks BCBS! Now, I can barely pay for my leads! Woo-hoo!
Golden Rule - exceptional value, quick & reasonable underwriting, no guessing at the final rate, riders that are very tight making it an easier sale than with most other carriers.

KP - outstanding value, no surprises on a big claim, soft renewals.

Time - lots of flexibility in plan design (close to 800 combinations), online applications not the best but improving, underwriting is always a guessing game.

Aetna - good for certain situations (smokers, large families and conditions that would be ridered by other carriers). A close alternative to KP who does not rider either. Generally higher in price than competitors. Only one plan worth selling.

World - street products with no copay are reasonably priced, especially in areas outside of Atlanta. Underwriting is predictable & reasonable most of the time.

BX - carrier of last resort. Painfully slow underwriting (typically 2 months), horrible service, limited competitiveness.
BCBS commission

I'm in Georgia. Have done very little with Blue; with production what's their top contract on individual? I get 10%.
I'm really falling in love with Assurant. Put about 5 cases through the last couple of weeks with them. Rates are a bit higher in Texas, but with the rate guarantee for someone that doesn't want a copay, I think it's great! Almost as good as UA...
Carefirst Blue Cross in MD for individual:

*No direct appointment - must choose a brokerage
*No published underwriting guidelines. Accept or decline? Throw the dice
*$17.50 to $20.50 per app. My average AV is $4,000 so that's about 5% commission
* 4 to 6 weeks for underwriting.....if you're lucky