Favorite place you’ve ever purchased fresh direct mail mortgage protection leads


I’m looking for a new mail house or lead vendor and prefer strongly if they were exclusive but even if not I would like to hear about it because I may be able to negotiate with the vendor to purchase exclusivity rights. Buy per lead would be fabulous but even just a minimum guarantee on the percentage that comes back would be great and I’m not going to pass up a fabulously vendor even if they don’t have a buy per lead or minimum guarantee. I’m not picky otherwise and I don’t care if it’s a specific card versus a vanilla card, etc. I’m thinking of trying Midwest I’m in love to hear reviews on them as well as any reviews positive or negative on any vendors you have tried
I would recommend that instead of a mail house go to your local post office and speak with the person who handles bulk mail. That person will tell you who the local printers are who are doing bulk mail. Deal with them instead of a mail house.

You'll have to get a Bulk Mail Permit at the post office but your replies will come to hour office 1-2 days after the prospect mails it. It usually takes @ one week before your get that info from the bulk mail house. And, you'll have the original postcard to show the prospects when you meet with them.

Make your own flyer. I used a 3x5 postcard. It was the cheapest way to go and offered all the information needed to motivate the prospect to send in the card.

I'm sorry, I can't help with the data company. It's been more than 15 years since I was involved in mortgage protection. I remember www.accudata.com and www.ocdm.com out of Orange County, CA. and Homeowners Marketing in Van Nuys, CA.

Good luck. I wish you success.

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