Federal Financial Group LLC?



Has anyone ever heard of or have any experience with Federal Financial Group LLC?

They called me today asking me to come to a recruiting session next week. I never heard of them but their pitch (link above) sounds very much like UA or NAA.


I went to one of their meetings this week. The main focus is selling IUL to business owners, working appointments generated by their in-house system. Training is on their selling system, which is a memorized presentation given verbatim on appointments.

A couple of issues/questions/concerns about any opportunity like this: Is the appointment/lead system worth the lower commission levels? The commission levels range from 40% to 55%, based on production. Is the presentation script so good as to turn appointments into sales? Frankly, I'm more comfortable asking questions and finding wants then putting on a presentation. The program is based on Aviva's IUL. No particular problem with that, but a one-trick pony, well, there is usually not only one solution for every situation.

That being said, the presenter stated they are Aviva's largest volume agency. On that I do not know the facts. I would be nice to have appointments set, but is it like almost every other appointment/lead program - usually more bad leads than good? Still I'm curious, would only do it with upfront release agreement, which would probably be a problem with all the proprietary information and training.
I ran into an agent using Federated. He said the leads were ok comps aren't so good. I was calling him to solicite him to write though our company as we offered considerably larger contracts. FWIW he was interested. I had never heard of Federated before. I do know they are not the largest volume Aviva agency.
has anyone worked with them ? or outcomes with their meetings ?

Yes, I began working with Federal Financial out of Phoenix AZ back in 2008. They are exactly who they claim to be, as they are the largest producer for some of the top insurance companies globally. I've personally met the top executives for companies such as Aviva, American Equity etc.

Keep in mind they are simply an IMO. They provide as much training as one wishes to be successful in the business. Those that don't cut the program, or those that do not have the commitment to work 50+ hours per week to set a foundation for their own business.

I now own my own company in a completely different industry, but would not hesitate to go back to FFG. You are an ind. agent, and not captive. They only demand that you promote the contracts you get signed with "first" to any appointments they set for you. Through these appointments, of course many are not qualified. That's the way it is in any business lead program!!

I made close to a six figure income the first year I was there, and had no experience in the insurance business, and after a year of starting my own business, I still get every penny in annual renewals and residuals from clients I wrote two years ago.

The benefit is the training, mentorship, and experience you find in most of their branches. Before I started the training program, I was a commods broker and decided I wanted to offer my clients something better than basic stocks and bonds.

The FFG suite of products is more than just IUL's, but a complete array of fixed and variable products. It all comes down to what you are, and or willing to get licensed to represent.

If you wish to speak with me direct, feel free to contact me and I'll give you a call. I'm telling it like it is, from someone that has been there done that. FFG is one of the rare companies that actually place ethics before making a buck.

The training is around a presentation. This simply allows those that have no business experience, no insurance experience, or for those that find it difficult to engage clientele they do not know. But for those that are seasoned in sales, insurance, financial services etc, etc. The presentation is simply a tool, that allows you to cover a broad range of the services FFG offers, in a short period of time.

Anymore questions, let me know...P.S. yes the commissions are not as substantial as some other contracts, minus 1-2%, but no other company gives you a solid stream of appointments, and more importantly, has the mentorship right there for you. I had contracts with two other companies, and the support simply isn't there. I had my own marketing, most of my business after 6 months came from referrals anyhow "the objective" and when comparing programs, fee's, rates, etc, etc. You find that you may make a point or two more, but very often have less than comparable programs to offer clients, and or the other providers charge your clients more in fee's.

Regardless, make sure you represent a great insurance company first and foremost. All these other IMO's are simply there to make a buck from your work, and it's always questionable about the true benefits they offer and back up. FFG does exactly what they say they will and do for their independent agents.
I'd like to speak with you more about your experiences with them. Send me PM, please.

Future Markets, why would you leave an industry were your making residuals and close to six fig's ? Also, how many appointments did you see you on a weekly basis and how were they generated ?
Didn't exactly leave the industry, as I'm still appointed with more than 7 providers and write business at my leisure, mostly through referrals.

The six figure income wasn't the purpose to begin with, as it wasn't the first nor the last time I have made a great income in business. As well, my residuals will continue so long as I'm appointed with the insurance provider and my client is active in their policy etc, etc.

Anyone that has been in the business or has been successful, knows it's more than what leads a company generates for you. I went above and beyond the average, did my own marketing, and put in an average of 65+ hours per week, when the average agent would put in 30 hours. So it's all what you make of your business and what you're willing to do to make it happen.

As well, I'm about pursuing opportunities, and was given an opportunity to run a business in the alternative energy industry. So a six figure income will be more like an annual bonus so long as I'm blessed to get things too production.

The company doesn't just hand out 10-12 pre-set appointments to anyone all the time. If you're not closing buisness, you will lose the leads from the company, as they do spend a few million per year in their marketing. Yes, it could be done a bit differently, and the presentation isn't something I used word for word. It's just good for those that now little to nothing about insurance or investments, mortgage services, estate planning etc, all of which can be provided to clients through FFG products and services.

Hope this helps...