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I am currently contacting several companies about becoming appointed and I was wondering one thing. I didn't even think about it until now, but I am unsure what my FICO score is as I went through a divorce the last year and I wonder if that could affect my appointment with insurance companies. I went ahead and ordered my credit report to make sure everything is accurate, but I wondered if anyone had any experience with this during the appointment process??
Your credit may affect your ability to receive advance commissions, but should not have an impact on your appointment. As long as you will work on an as earned basis, I wouldn't worry about it.
I didnt think it would affect anything... just wondering.. I just got my score and it looks pretty good, but I did find a collection account from awhile back from someone I never did business with on my report. I guess I need to try and get that resolved and I've somewhat worried about identity theft...

Oh well, I guess I am OK as far as getting appointments..
I'm not sure if companies even have a minimum score. I assume they care more about bankruptcies or debit balances with other carriers than standard consumer debt.

Besides, a carrier would be shooting itself in the foot if it went purely by FICO. Imagine all the 21-year-olds without a credit history who couldn't get into the industry.
They are not looking at your FICO, they are looking at collections & bankruptcies. They will also run a Vector report to see if you have a debit balance with any carriers.

The commission advance is essentially a loan. If you are not credit-worthy you are paid as earned.

Hmm... I found a collection on my credit report from a company I do not remember doing business with. I am going to dispute this with the company I guess... I have never had a bankruptcy.. I wonder if this will affect being able to get advances on life insurance sales....???
Take everything as earned and it is not an issue.

On life insurance, I never quote monthly premiums, only annual. Has not been a problem.

Hmm... So you have no problems getting annual premiums on life insurance?? I am a little concerned about initial cash flow, that's why I was entertaining the advance commission idea.