Final newbie decision. Captive for NYL!


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I know, I know. . . this board primarily consists of "independent" insurance salesmen (saleslady) but after thoroughly reading the boards about training a newbie and what all is involved, I thought it best to join NYL as a captive agent for a while. I know it's a rah-rah company and I "will drink their kool-aid" for a while, but I think it will be best for training purposes. (Actually, I am starting as an interning being that I am in school.) They are paying for my class instruction, licensing fees, and everything else that is incurred. I will come in to train a couple hours a day (at 10 bucks an hour) to learn the system and then have commission splits with the agent I am under. Maybe not as ideal as an independent agent, but, what the heck . . . the building NYL is backed up to a baseball stadium and is absolutely gorgeous. What independent agent can watch a baseball game from his office???? :cool:

I have learned so much from this forum and owe much to all of you! Do y'all mind if I keep posting on this thread to let you know how things go????

Thanks so much!
Congratulations! I think you made a wise, well informed, educated decision.

I started out captive and if I hadn't I would not have lasted more than 6 months at the very best.

You will know if and when the time is right to go independent.

I work in the Senior market and there probably isn't a lot I can offer, but if you think of anything please don't hesitate to call.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
Thanks guys! I couldn't have done it with all of you helping me! Especially Al. . . thanks for spending all that time with me on the phone . . .it helped me make my final decision. I'll let you all know how it goes!
You made a great choice. You may find the captive route works for you (it has for me), or you may eventually head out on your own. In either event, you can't beat the support, training, and comraderie of a big company. By the way, NYL is a good company, there's nothing wrong with their Kool-Aid.:yes:
Interesting. . . .

Okay, just a brief update. I have one more class to go before I finish the 40hr. requirement to get licensed. There's so much information! I dont' find it hard to understand, but there's just so much. I have the exam on Monday at Noon. Hope it goes well.

I emailed the guy that is trying to recruit me to NAA. Below is the email . . . Let me know what you think! :D

Dear Mr. G*******

Thank-you so much for your time and introducing me into this market.
Classes are going well.

At this time I am requesting to "opt out" of this program. I have found
another route (New York Life) that I think suites me better as a future

I wish you good luck on all your endeavors!

Thanks again for your time!



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I appreciate the response. If things do not work out to your liking with New
York Life, please look me up. We have a number of Ex-agents from the top
carriers after their stints with them.


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I guess I'm just wondering why the "other agents" at the big names never made it and went into NAA . . . . .. . :skeptical:

(not that I'm actually worried however) :swoon: