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Hello All,

Been coming here for a sucked in with the thread about Miracle...and have found that there's a lot of good info to be found. I have learned a few things here and there, and had a few laughs as well.

I found this site looking for info on AHIA's free final expense plan. I got a call from an AHIA guy urging me to send in my $10 to join the free life insurance thing - zero cost life insurance, or whatever - and that's what led me to this forum. Glad I found some like-minded folks...

I've been in the business for 4 years, and I am still learning. It's been a fun ride, so far, and should only get better. :biggrin:
Who do you sell life insurance to? What companies do you work for? Are you captive? How much money do you make? Whats your mothers maiden name? Whats your soash.......:)
he is trying to find out if you are a NAA agent or a PA agent......

Oh, I see. No, not an NAA agent...certainly not after what I've read here about them...and I am not familiar with PA. Who are they?

I only represent top rated companies, and do business the old fashioned way - face to face with local folks who know me or have friends who know me. Needless to say, I am not a megaproducer, or whatever. But, I enjoy what I do, and feel good about what I do.:)