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Can any Florida agents please let me know what Group Health carriers are the best ones to work with for 2-3 member groups in the northern half of the state.

Also, I would be willing to pass along group health leads in return for a tutorial on the Florida insurance market. I am more interested in the individual market there as opposed to group and could use a top notch agent to refer down there for more complex group situations.

I can be emailed at [email protected]

I need an STI, Petrowski, SOMARCO - Florida version.

I tell ya, I'd be willing to pay a fee for some consult. I'm doing my own research in other states but there's extra tid bits of knowledge that only come from experience.

I'd be willing to trade CT for FL knowledge straight up if anyone felt that a consulting fee paid to them was unethical as some argued recently.

Sorry man, I've got no plans for Texas any time soon. The east coast has me busy enough.

I posted this on the other site, you might want to check back there for more details on the little I know about FL. Contact moonlight&margarita. He is in Tampa.
In South Florida the major players are

Blue Cross
Cigna (no small group)
Great-West (no small group)
NHP (recently bough out by UHC)
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I don't believe so. They do have a partially self-funded option though, but you really have to look at the past history of the group and ensure they don't have a number of potential claims waiting to happen.

It's not a good day when you have to review the quarterly usage and explain the upcoming rate increase....