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I know John P was having flyers printed up and going B2B at one point.. Anyone using flyers, I would love to see some samples.. I would also be interested in any suggestions..
Spread out retail? 30 businesses per hour. Congested retail? 50 flyers per hour. Hit small office buildings and it's 70 or 80 in an hour.

If you want to low-key, high volume non-confrontational method just walk in and hand the flyer to the person behind the desk:

"I'd just like to leave you with this flyer. There are brand new health insurance plans available and I have a website where you can get free quotes."

Then gauge the reaction. Most say "thank you" and put the flyer down. Leave. Some will be glued to it and read every word. Stay and say "If you're interested in quotes all I need is some basic information." This method will generate 1 to 2 physical leads per hour and the flyer will pull 2% from website quotes - and a few calls.

The hard-core version of BtoB is walking in, asking for owner and standing toe to toe while introducing yourself as a local independent agent and assessing his health insurance needs. Much more effective in generating physical leads - about 4 per hour, but much more confrontational.
I did John's method today with flyers. I tried to attached it but it would not upload it for some reason. Basically same as John showed but added my business image. I did 2 hours and hit up 65 businesses and did the non-confrontational method from John and picked up 4 leads and one called me before I got back to the office and wanted a quote immediately.

John should make an e-book for agents he would make a fortune.
Thanks John for the conversation on Sunday I learned a lot.