For those of you using NORVAX...


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Who uses Norvax? How long have you used it? What kind of return are you getting on your monthly investment?
Bob, I used Norvax for about a year (7/'04-7-'05). Did one of their cutomizable websites as a lead generation tool.

Excellent, speedy, thorough customer service. Cheap too, think I spent about $40/month, with a one time setup of a-buck-and-a-quarter-or so.

Pro: Very high closing ratio on leads developed - about 400% higher than purchased internet leads.

Con: Escalating cost with Google AdWords to drive traffic to the site. Blues, Humana, etc. were bidding the price up big time. Another problem (bigger, actually), didn't get the type of client I seek. I like to cross-sell life and DI to business owners after going in on the health business.

Bottom Line: Profitable, but decided not to continue, mainly because it wasn't attracting my "target" client.

Hope that helps.
The Goodle Adwords in my state got to the point where I pulled the plug. The average click was around $3.60 which is insane. That has nothing to do with the client actually submitting for a quote, that they're insurable or actually ready to buy. When the dust settled I was still making a profit, but at the time I found it easier to purchase shared leads. I was still closing 1 out of 10 at $8 a pop but factoring in leads for credit my cost averaged out to $6.50 per lead.

Winter's hitting and I'm picking some shared leads back up. Still going B to B but not when it gets nasty cold.
I received an email about the Norvax quoting software and website... has anyone used this software? Any idea of cost? Would you recommend? Thanks for any info you can provide. Alsky
I have used Norvax for 4 months now. There are things I like about it, some I dont.

In that 4 month period I have written 1 - 2 extra policies that I probably would not have otherwise, so it pays for itself.

I have the stripped down version. Just the quote engine, not the website and certainly not the leads.

They are pricey in my opinion. Especially so if you take their first offer. If you deal with them like buying a car you can get a better price. Shameless tactics if you ask me.

The quote engine will only show a handful of plans & options. I have 6 carriers (soon to be 7) loaded in my quote engine and they will show (max) about 200 options. When I quote with carrier software I can show about 1800 variations and achieve much more customization.

The abbreviated quote is nice and the one I use the most. The full proposal quote is a bit clunky. You really can't view more than 2 plans side by side which is a bit of a hindrance.

I actually prefer the Quotit engine but they only have a limited number of carriers & plans and seem to concentrate more on group quoting.

Emailing quotes can get caught up in spam filters. More than once I have emailed a client only to have them tell me they never got the quote. When I ask them to check their spam folder more often than not it turns up there.

Norvax does not notify you of a quote that is undeliverable or unopened. The only way you will know if someone is tooling around in your site is if they start a quote.

Your set up will run anywhere from $250 to $350 + $75 per month for the quote engine. They will quote you a higher price. I probably could have gotten it lower but I got tired or haggling and I wanted to get it up & running.

Recently I went back & ask for a separate URL to quote HSA plans only. My rep said the best deal was $300 setup + another $75 per month.

I was very polite when I told him I would pass on his generous offer.

The back office has a lot of bells & whistles that make it reasonably easy to follow up with prospects.

My guess is I will write $50,000 or so in AP this year that I would not have otherwise and that is probably a low estimate. So I am spending $75 x 12 = $900 to make an extra $10k or so.
Norvax contd'

Somarco, if you opted not to get the website feature, did you embed the software into your own existing website?

Also, how easy/difficult is the setup of the software and installing the individual ins companies illustration software?

Thanks a million for your input... this will help a lot.

I got a domain from GoDaddy and use this as a hotlink in correspondence and on my site.

Norvax sets up the quote engine with the carriers for you. Probably takes them 5 minutes to do it. For that they want to charge $350.