fraud letter??


One of my MA clients called the day before yesterday because she got a letter from "United Health Care" stating that she had an unpaid claim of around $500.00, she called me very confused to see if Wellcare was part of United Health Care, it isn't I assured her. So... I said, "lets call medicare and ask them about this." She called medicare and they said to ignore the letter, as there was no claim from united healthcare. I had her document her call to medicare and their statement on the letter and save it. But still the question remains... where did this letter come from. It sounds like mail spam sent to seniors in the hopes that they have UHC and are confused and duped into sending money to the address provided. Has anyone else heard of a scam like this.
no....but it is a good one....of course it has a short shelf life....the doi's will eventually get wind and shut it down....
There was a scam like this over 10 years ago. Seniors were mailed a letter that said their social security checks would stop unless they called and verified their information. Seniors called and gave up their SSN and all other info, then their identities were stolen.
Arno, you should report this to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service since it appears they are using the U.S. Mail to perpetrate a fraud. Give the inspector all the documentation you have.