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Free lead for someone in Houston area


No trickery here - this is D.J. at Norvax/ProspectZone. I just got a lead sent to me where a individual looking for health insurance accidentally filled out our forms for where agents like you would fill out to get information about our lead services. I called her, and realized it.

I actually don't have any clients to pass it to - the lead is fresh, like maybe 10 minutes old at this point (I just spoke the the client a few minutes ago).

First one to email me (or private message me) gets it - please only people in the Texas area (preferably Houston/Abilene). Thanks.

Not trying to drum up any business for myself, I literally don't have any clients to give this to in Houston. Thanks.

(Again, just a fluke thing. I get a lead like this maybe twice a year as a mistake.)

texas health insurance
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Damn, for once cold-calling and not playing around on the internet has cost me a lead.

I am never going to let that happen again! :wink: