Frustrated with MGA/IMO


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I know several of you are appointed with AIG. Rates are good, but I having fits getting anything through the system there.

Apparently my weak link is my MGA. However, when I called AIG directly I got two people who apparently could care less if I wrote anything else with them.

Ideally I would like to appoint with these companies directly especially now since I'm going to be training some agents in the field.

I don't mind working through an MGA if THEY'RE OF BENEFIT TO ME. So far, I don't see what they're doing for me except getting a cut of the business.

Anyone have any insights or contacts to help me with this?
Can't comment much. Not a big AIG fan. My only comment would be that it is an unfortunately reality that this business is loaded with guys that are more than willing to get you an appointment and take an override but will not offer any kind of support at all.
You need to contact the regional manager, or even better, his assistant. They get bonused on production, and they are usually required to grow their business, or they lose their job. Try them.