Fun, with Yahoo answers

Interesting. I just finished my CEUs a little while ago. There was a case where a man put his car in his dead father's name to (I think) avoid paying his past due property taxes. The insurance company said that he wasn't the owner of the car and therefore could not be compensated for the cost to replace or repair damages to the car.

They had to pay however.

I wonder what happened to the moron on Yahoo answers.

The answer may not be the obvious one. There are laws against fraud but not stupidity. I don't think that he committed fraud unless he submitted a claim and got paid for it. No money, no fraud. There is no law against destroying your own property.

Also, the house burning down - as opposed to the car burning down - was an unintended result and therefore may be covered.

That being said... what an ***!
That has to be fake. I can't believe anyone would be that dumb. Well, I guess I do get some pretty dumb questions, but that has to be the dumbest.