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In the process of getting Wife appointed with a GA to sell health and have a few questions-

Is health like Life in that you can be contracted with multiple GA's to sell a specific provider? 99% Sure the answer is No.

In the paper work for BC/BS here in MI it has the commissions paid to the GA. Is this the norm?

The GA we have chose has a local office and has been in the biz for 20+ years. The contact seems straight foward and offers product training.
They have an in house person who scrubs the aps.
Every ap. we have the choice to be advanced or as earned.
No interest on charge backs.

Have tried to do my due diligence and just wondering if there is anything to look for or ask before we finalize?

You can only be appointed with any one health insurance company through one GA. In Maryland you cannot go direct with Blue Cross. You must choose an appointed brokerage and they pay you commissions. And there's not such thing as no chargebacks if you're taking an advance.