Gas card or Amazon gift card at Medicare educational events ..?

Yes, I have been doing Medicare seminars since before they were cool.

I have even spied on my competition over the years by attending their seminars, and conducted my own with several different formats and locations. I've seen the free gas cards in the works, free dinners etc..

I get less attendees by not bribing people to attend with free stuff, but the people that do attend are hungry for the information I provide, and they find value in it. As a result, on the low side I close 50% of the attendees. I usually only don't close an attendee if they have an amazing retirement plan through something like the UAW.

And the people I do close become customers for life. The ones that are easily enticed by giveaways will leave you the first time Joe Nameth cold calls them.

I suppose it's really dependent on how you want to build your business. I don't enjoy running all over town writing 40 apps per month, and having 20 fall off the books every month.

Some people like that, they enjoy the thrill of the hunt and sale. That's fine. If that's your preference, you will probably do fine with the plate lickers.

For the newbs like me…how do you end up closing 50% of the attendees? Hell, even if I could get 20% id be ecstatic.

Even after getting them to fill out a contact form, MAYBE 3 out of 10 will actually respond to my emails/calls to set up an appointment. Then out of the 3 people who I maybe get an appoinment with, I’ll get 1-2 signups out of that. Most usually fall off the face of the earth.

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