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General liability and workers comp for roofing contactor

I have a friend who needs general liability and worker's comp insurance for his roofing business -- IMMEDIATELY. He has an upcoming contract with Home Depot but they require proof of insurance. Here's the details of his business:

* 7 employees (4 roofers and 3 general laborers)
* based in TN, ZIP 38469
* currently no coverage
* no past claims as far as I know
* lowest quote so far is $40,000

If you can help, call me, Michael, anytime at 931-845-4838 or e-mail me at [email protected]

I can get the WC for this exposure as long as the client is willing to outsource thier payroll processing. I am checking to see if i can get the GL for you also if this is still alive. I am new to this forum so i am a bit behind on this post. Let me know if i can help. 877-416-0668 ext 205

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Chad Filley
Staff Brokers, Inc.