Generating Referrals


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Let's get a dialogue going pertaining to what the seasoned agents do to generate referrals.

Some agents ask clients right after the sale, while others send out birthday/holiday/thinking of you cards with a short message asking the client to forward the agents information to anybody interesting in obtaining insurance.

Newsletters (e-mail or print) to an existing clients base make note of referring the agents information to family and friends to generate referrals.

Others offer a $10 gift card for any leads, while others may offer $25-$100 per lead that generates in a sale.

What do you consider the most effective, ethical and most profitable????????
IRS allows gifts up to $25. Anything over that is not deductible. Anything over $500 can be considered a bribe.
In what ways do you think an agent can exceed a client's expectations?

Well, if she asks for a cigarette afterwards . . .

Never mind.

Under promise and over deliver.
1) Send a thank you card. Most agents don't.

2) Follow up during underwriting. Let them know you didn't drop off the face of the planet.

3) Call them when you receive their policy, let them know you'll be mailing it out the next day. Send it Priority Mail.

4) Wait a week, call again to make sure they received the policy and cards and ask if they have any questions. Go over landmines - checking the network before seeing a new doctor, obtaining pre-authorization for scheduled procedures. Let them know if they have a scheduled procedure to always call you.

5) Send montly newletters.
When I have an appointment that I connected with the family real well (whether I made a sale or not) I ask them what their favorite restaurant is.

They will tell you and then ask you why you want to know.

I then say, "Now that we've met, I'm sure you will have friends or family that would benefit from getting this same information from me. Might be this week or it might be a year from now. But every time I get a referral from someone I mail them a thank you card with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant."

I did this recently and got a whole list of referrals right on the spot from this lady. She even called two of them for me while I was sitting there.

I also make sure one of my magnetic business cards get on their refridgerator so my face stays in front of them.
You seem to be forgetting one major supplier of leads - other professionals. Meet with CPA's Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, and Career Coaches, just to name a few. Make it a very casual, short update on what is going on in the health insurance industry. How their clients can be better served.

It doesn't happen immediately; however, you will begin to get calls from people you've never heard of saying, "John wanted me to call. He said to get my insurance through you."

The second you make the sale, or even deliver the policy is actually the WORST time to ask for referrals. All you've done thus far is deliver a contract to them. BIG WHOOP!

Stay in touch
Send them business, if you can
Invite them to a BBQ
Ask how their daughter's soccer team did last week
Send them a "no occassion" card. You saw it, it made you laugh, and you wanted to share it with them
If you are doing a seminar, even if it's nothing to do with what they've gotten involved in, invite them anyway.
Refer them to someone who can save them money on car insurance
Meet them for lunch at Costco or SAMS, for a $1.50 sausage, just to chat

Of course, this will not pertain to all your clients. Pick and choose which goes with which.

Also contact P&C agents, and send them leads.

Volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity building. Bring a small pad of paper and a pen to write down someone's name and number, then follow up.

Give 'til it hurts, and don't rush it. You won't get referrals right away.

I know several Financial Planners, who have absolutely no interest in selling health or life or DI, and I stop by on a weekly, or semi-monthly basis, just to say "hi", and to give them a "what's up" with health. That's where I get most of my leads.

When Medicare Advantage Plans came out, I went by three Financial Planners that I know, and I made a presentation to each one of them, probably 5 times. I have been getting a constant stream of leads from them for the past 2 months. Only one already had a plan off the internet, from the Evil Empire. The Financial Planner called them, and yelled at them. I told him it was OK, no biggie. The couple promised to work with me this coming Nov. 15th.