Gleaners Life Insurance Co., ANY GOOD? ANYONE KNOW?


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I've been prospected to work for Gleaners Life Insurance. Does anyone know anything about this company and if it's a good place to work? Opportunity, advancement, income, etc. ?

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Yes, the position I'm referring to for Gleaners Life Insurance is in sales.

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Well, I just got assigned with them recently and it has taken forever just to get software. I am not a captive agent. They have limited product but their annuities seem pretty atractive. As you should know, advancement, commissioions etc. are all up to you. I have not been made aware of any good lead programs they have.
You say they have limited products. Should they have a certain number of products to sell before I consider working for them? What Gleaner branch are you working for?

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Are they supplying you with a member list to work or are you on your own? That, I think is your main concern. If you are on your own, how are you going to get your prospects. I have only been in the Insurance business for a little over three years now but I have learned this. You need leads. You need to make phone calls, you need to see people. It's that simple. It all starts with leads though. Not enough leads, not enough income.
Back to Gleaners. They seem to be very laid back, to a fault! I'm sure others know what that means in this biz. Their term rates are nothing special either
I know nothing about them, have heard even less of them....

My guess is that you would be better off elewhere.

No-name insurance companies love to suck you in and dry you out.

You can do better then that.
List provided, not sure, leads provided? Yes

I obviously haven't begun selling insurance yet, but I have been in sales and completely understand the benefit of having leads provided, especially when starting out.

As far as a list of members being provided, I'm not sure. Leads however will be provided and they are free. I will find out more tomorrow morning in the interview.
Is there anything else anyone suggest I look for or ask them?

Thank for your help.

Ryan (P.S. I understand the Gleaner name, I hadn't heard of them before either, so I will go in cautiously. Thanks for the heads up!)