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Global Atlantic's Accordia exiting the indexed life business

Is this the same Accordia that wrote health insurance back in the 90s? If it is I'm screwed. One of them has been sending me a renewal check for years. Can't remember who or what for.

I'm gonna miss that $2.00 check.
That they mail you. Which is super efficient.

I have a vendor that doesn't take credit cards or do bank draft. I passive aggressively don't send them a check until they ask me for one.

So dumb.
Been getting one for years. And I mean years. Every December.

BTW. Call me. Need to talk about a quote.
Not a surprise at all. Never a surprise when a carrier gets out of a product like IUL. It's part of the life-cycle of fragile, vulnerable products, which are sold incorrectly, assume inaccurate and incorrect lapse ratios, sales across certain demographics, and so on and so on. We have seen this with UL and SGUL/NLGUL. The company line is always some vague and ambiguous corporate "speak" -- something like "is no longer aligned with our business model" or "doesn't fit with our profit centers" and so on. How many of the big UL and SGUL/NGUL sellers went from selling anything and everything to everyone, to limiting certain products to certain ages, no longer selling to age X and above, to capping blocks of business, to completely exiting the business? Never a surprise on products like this.