Golden Rule UW Trials

Crabcake Johnny

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Just got a call from a very excited MI agent friend of mine - GR starting in April will be applying rate increases instead of riders to the standard conditions (asthma, allergies, etc...)

As we all know now, GR either riders, declines or increases the plan rate ups.

Well, I just got off the phone and GR is doing a multi-state trial with rate-ups. This is fantastic news. Right now 100% of the reason I write any other carrier beside GR (in MD) is when they decline or rider out pre-ex. However, if they move to Assurant's philosophy of offering rate-ups and coverage pre-ex they will dramatically increase their business and persistency.

I hope GR gets the clue and this goes nationwide.
You can not waiver in MI, It is illegal per state law.

Do you think this has something to do with what they are talking about?
They still have something in the brochure that doesn't seem right. On or about Page 3.

"Sample savings with our Preferred Network"

Lab work $149 charge repriced to $10.33. Misprint? That was there last year and I thought that seemed a bit too much of a discount.
no not really.....I have a EOB in my hand on a $48.00 lab that was reduced by $39.00 I paid $9 toward my deductible........