Gonna get P&C also, which study source?


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I studied for my health and life license on license2go.com and was mostly pleased with it. I don't want to pay $100 for another course that I can only use for a month or two, though. I was looking at getting a book to read up on everything, and then taking some kind of practice test before I sit for the big one. I found a book that has both for about $22 and shipping.
Books : Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Cram (Exam Cram 2)
Anyone ever use that one? Thoughts?

I'm also wondering if P&C is supposed to be harder or easier to learn that H&L.
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Every state is different for the requirements for the test. I had to sit in the class for my license.

In truth, I doubt it matters much where you take the class, it's all about the practice tests and questions. Once you get a feel for those, you'll pass the test.

Which one is easier? In California, I commonly hear the P&C test is harder, but most people do that one first, then the health test. I actually believe its the first test is the harder one. Then you know more of what to expect.

$100 is pretty cheap. Doesn't matter how long you can use it as long as you get it done. You'll never use it again after you pass the test. 2 weeks studying, take the test, done.

Wow, I'm glad you mentioned that. I know I had to have a pre-licensing course certificate before I sat for H&L, so I know I'll have to have that for P&C too. So much for just the book. PArt of the problem with having a limited time to complete the course or being on scheduled classes is that I just don't know if I'll have the time with everything else going on.