Good and Bad Advertising 4 MA's

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Had a client call me this AM to tell me about this story feature. You would think these problems would have been straightened out already, geez!

ABC News: Some Seniors Scammed by Private Medical Plans

Makes me afraid to sell ANY of these plans.

OTOH....Humana is running infomercials on their plans. They are a half-hour long, here in metro Atlanta. That's a hefty budget. TV advertising is not cheap. How about your market?
I really don't see what the problem was, other than it sounded like he had an HMO plan and perhaps he wasn't aware of it. How anyone could claim "scam" seems a bit of a reach. But then, we're talking journalists here, and this kind of story gets more eyeballs.
I find it interesting how the bad sells versus good. Wonder why there are no articles out there that are easily searched for that are good about med adv? Then again...

Most of the news is always negative and or bad... I guess good doesn't sell anymore to the consumer.

Hey, we don't hear stories how, 'plan saves seniors thousands of dollars on medical and scripts,' and yes, these plans do this when set right for certain individuals. They are not for everyone.. but definitely for some.... we know that... but the press is scewing it to be not for anyone!

The same infomercial by Humana was aired too here on a Sunday afternoon. Saw it at the gym while working out.

No commercials either during that 1/2 hour time.