Good Final Companies for our MA clients


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Greetings everyone.

I am looking for assistance on some good final carriers you can please endorse.

Good rates
ISSUE AGES BETWEEN 0 - 99 if they exist.
Also a good company who will issue someone with dialysys.
And one who has cancer or has had a heart attack or storke in the past year.

The key is issue ages above 85.

Can you please recommend such carriers?

Thank you much.

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I have never heard of any life insurance that would issue a policy after someones life expectancy.

I use motorists for regular people, unity for smokers(no rate up and very competitve) and presidential for gauranteed issue( best one ive seen).
Senior Advisor,

Thanks for the reply. I never knew simplified does not issuee past 85. No house new of one and I called several. I have Motorists and I'm looking into Presidential. Thank you very much.
Presidential's Graded Benefit Life (guar. issue) issues up to age 80 and in a few states it is only to 75.

I seem to recall seeing some company that issues up to 85 a while back but I cannot remember who it was.