GR: HSA 100 or Plan 100?



I have been playing with some GR numbers and comparing the HSA 100 to the Plan 100. The only difference I see between the two is one is HSA and that Plan 100 has family ded of 2X. Do those two things make it worth paying this much more for the HSA?

Family of 4 ages 43,43,14,11,nonsmokers,S1,Maryland

HSA 100 $2200 ded: $581.47
Plan 100 $1500 ded: $461.10

To me, the Plan 100 would be better because most people are not really going to set up the HSA account anyway.

What are your thoughts?
I'm right. You have to add drug coverage in the 1st place to plan 100 and in MD you cannot buy it up past the $3,000 cap. You can only sell Copay Select and HSA 100 and get the lifetime max on drugs.
That makes all the difference in the world, then, in Maryland. Thanks.
HSA 100 is still better. In my opinion, its about total exposure. And plan 100 has $3000 and the deductibles are not pre-tax.

Your clients have until the follwing April to set up the HSA and then fund it. They can then immediately pay themselves back if providers had already been paid.
About half the plans I sell with GR are Plan 100. The rest are HSA with a handful of Copay Select or Plan 80.

Just depends on how comfortable your client is with higher deductibles, their tax rates, etc.

Plan 100 is a great plan. Too bad other carriers don't offer something like it.