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My name is Todd. I recently passed my Life and Disability exam in Washington State. The reason I took the exam, was because I was recruited by Farmers Insurance. However, after much research about the Career Agent Program, I have decided not to join them. Currently I work in the Software industry as a software engineer. I make good money at that, but am tired of the cubicle life and salary ceiling it has created for me. Insurance really interested me from the onset due to the passive income created after working hard to build your business and the schedule flexibility that I need now, since having a baby with my wife and 1 more on the way. Now, I am trying to figure out what path to take to really get started in the business. My overall goal is to go independent agent, but before I do that, I will want some good training and support. Due to the good salary I make in my current career, I need to take a pathway that will let me work part time until I replace my current salary.

I look forward to reading what everyone's opinions are and look forward to any exchanges I have with any of you.


You shouldn't say "part time" on this forum. You might want to take cover before the ____ starts to hit the fan! RUN! :D

Welcome, you sound like you have a good plan. IF you are gonna work part time you should atleast try to make it 30 hours a week. In order to learn you need to be in the field consistantly. Even after 5 yrs if I take a week off I feel like I am starting all over with my comfort level.
Valid points SAI. Another thing to keep in mind is the commissions in your state. Last time I checked with BCBS they were offering 5% commission on their individual products.
Thanks for the advice. By part-time I mean, doing whatever I can while maintaining my current job.