Group without Tax and Wage in MD


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I am at a loss here and if you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it. I am in Maryland and am working on a parity group with CareFirst. They require a copy of the most recent Tax and Wage report in order to run parity rates. The group does not file withholdings with the state and does their own payroll internally, (not through a third party which would also do the trick). What else is there that we can use in lieu of the tax and wage??? This group is a non profit, I don't know if this changes anything but if can't hurt to know.
A copy of the articles of incorporation, along with the in house payroll records and w-2's is a good start, but legally a carrier cannot be compelled to insure a company that does not have a legally established employer/employee relationship.

If it is a parity group then it is probably large enough to warrant their accountant doing a one time filing just to get the insurance.
Even if the group is non-profit they have to file Federal Tax Form 990 as well as Form 941 for Federal Witholding & FICA Taxes. I am not in MD, so I do not not know what the state requirements are.:cool: