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Hello All,

I'm looking for some guidance on how to get paid on ACA plans I'm offer to clients. I'm a newly licensed agent in life, health and annuities and I recently joined an IMO who's upline has told myself and others some things that I suspect are flat out lies. I'm trying to remember that I'm new and I don't know what I don't know but it's hard for me to not feel like I've been blindsided by a shady company.

Here's what's being told to me and other agents:

1. We don't get paid on ACA Plans and we are not to submit them through healthcare.gov but to instead send to the team admin and they sign clients up for agents under their name.

2. We are not to ask what a customer's income is via text or email, but to only ask when we "get them on the phone on the appointment" The initial quote that is sent via email is based on a $20k/yr income so as to find the cheapest plan available. The monthly total quoted should always be the BUNDLED TOTAL of the ACA plan AND the life insurance policy we have attached.

3. It is illegal for licensed agents to have the ability to offer and sell both ACA plans and private plans (say if someone doesn't qualify for any government subsidies because their income is too high) and that we are to send those clients to someone else on the team to close. I don't mean only try to sell private, I mean simply be able to help clients with a range of income statuses. Also, agents are told that we cannot sign up any dental and vision clients and those must be handled by certain agents on the team (who are also selling ACA plans).

4. It takes a while for an agent to have their "ACA book of business opened up to them". I suspect that all of these clients that are being forwarded to the admin are being put under the upline's name as the agent. Once the information is forwarded to the upline, there is no control or tracking of the application on the new agent's behalf. The customer then thinks that their agent is the one helping them, when it reality, the upline is listed. It seems pretty shady to me and from what I've seen on healthcare.gov, agent are absolutely paid on ACA plans.

5. Our leads must be purchased by a certain lead generation company and "aged" leads are pushed hard. If agents do not spend a certain amount of money each week on these leads, their comp level is dropped significantly. Minimum amounts of dials are pushed hard as well.

6. I've seen agents send money to potential customers in order to have enough funds to pay for their initial payments for the health and life "bundle" packages.

I've heard from several other agents in different IMO's and on various forums and sites that I should be getting paid on ACA plans. How would I go about doing this? Is it just a matter of registering on heathcare.gov and then getting contracted with the individual health insurance carriers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Calmly collect your belongings and get as far away as you can. I don’t know what kind of shop you’re working with but all of that sounds incredibly insane. They aren’t an IMO….sounds more like an agency that steals business from their own agents…the same agents who they seem to train to be deceptive to the potential clients they talk to emologing bait and switch tactics (quote at minimum income to get the lowest premium without knowing their actual income?). I highly recommend that you find a legitimate agency to work with.
Lies, Lies, Lies! Commissions are definitely earned on a monthly basis as long as the client is still active. I've been enrolling since the inception of Affordable Healthcare and have consistently earned my commissions. It sounds like they are enrolling your referrals and keeping the money. Commissions are paid per member at a minimum of $20pm per month and can vary by carrier and state. I hope this helps!