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Seems the old site has been hacked.....

It seems that it is not all that difficult to hack into an old snitz forum. http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/index.php?module=prodreviews&func=showcontent&id=1327

I hope they don't hack this site, but if they do, there is probably very little we can do about it.

I am looking into security features, but if they are determined, it can probably be done. This is much newer technology, but a good hacker can probably do it anyway.
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speaking of hacked....

Tennessee Brokerage Agency
February 12, 2007

Dear Scott,

We have become victims of "slamming"! As it turns out, someone from New Zealand has hijacked our web page address!
Temporary Web Address
www.4tba.com The good news is that we have gotten the address back! However, it may take a couple of days to be corrected. In the meantime, if you are unable to get access to our page at www.tba.com, you can use www.4tba.com for web access.

If you get an email returned, you can email us at our new address. The email address will continue to be first letter of firstname along with the lastname @4tba.com (example: [email protected])

Please accept our apologies for any trouble. If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us at (800) 624-4502.

John Felton
Tennessee Brokerage Agency