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Has Aetna individual health dumped out of your state yet....

They just re - entered the CO market and are offering a good product with some of the best rates around for single people. Good small group rates as well. K-Dub is already appointed with them and has had success with the product offering. I will be looking into being appointed with them next week. They give a 12 mth lock on the premium but I wounder if it's a "teaser" rate.

World increase is 20% this year and Anthem is 25%.
Watch the potential "double-whammy" with Aetna regarding the age bands. Say you sell a client a family plan who's 44 years old. Yes, they now get a one year lock but at the end of that year it's the normal rate increase plus another steep increase since they went into next age group.
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Re: Link?

K-Dub said:
I need a link!! I don't want to believe it either! Sti is your source a Mega agent?

there is no formal confirmation they are pulling out of any state.....just the rate increases ........but if they are now priced 20 to 30 % higher than the competition then the might as well pull......
Aetna's actually going for it. By the end of next year they'll be in 30 states. They've also proposed a bonus program that I've been told is a done deal: 20 apps per quarter is $100 per app bonus and 10 apps per quarter is $50 per app.

Aetna also has enough money to buy and sell most of the other insurance companies five times over - market cap is 22 bill. Compare that to Assurant at 6 bill.

Not that they'll be competitive in all the states - no insurance company is. But they have the money to hang in there until they establish a foot hold.

I'd personally like to see a few changes:

1) Fixed family rates reward large families yet punish small families. For example, a family in MD age 44 pays $512 on the PPO 30. You could be a family of 3 and that rate is horrible. Or you could be a family of 6 and it's the deal of the century.

2) Aetna rates the entire policy even if only one person get rated. Take that family above; family of 4 for $512 a month. If just the husband gets a B rating the entire plan goes up 25%. Not true with Assurant who will only rate the husband.
John... Split the family up b4 issuse, submit onlne as one, get letter from client requesting split policies... do the same for rated conditions. This not only helps for the cost of the policy, but gives you more app count

Just a thought, but I have been doing it like that for a year and had NO problems... the key is to get the letter to seperate B4 the policy is issued
john_petrowski said:
Not true with Assurant who will only rate the husband.

I have seen them split a rated case at issue here in texas.....