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He Who Laughs First Laughs Last :-)


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Hey Everyone. You've got a Newbie here! It is very refreshing to see so many people willing offer such good advice and a willingness to support. I just came across this site last night while I've been trying to figure out if a career change is right for me or not. I've been in logistics/management for past 10 years and am looking to get a change from the wear and tear from operations. I have a degree in Management/marketing, minor in communications and somehow I got snockered into production management. Very little reward for all the effort. From what I've read my background seems to fit what current agencies are looking for but I'm not quite sure the best way to move forward. Any advice????

I look forward to this journey.


Hello edge - welcome. If you just found the site last night, you have a lot of reading to do! Insurance is NOT an easy way make a buck but it has its rewards. Read the posts and ask questions, you will find much diversity and honest opinions. Sometimes you will even see a cat fight or two - but it usually maintains a friendly atmosphere. Hope it helps you make the right decision.
Sorry to inform you Theedge that you are not officialy welcomed until CHAS.R., our official greeter, welcomes you!:D

I am surprised to see that he missed this one. IT was funny to see all these old introducions pop up. I think most of the people he welcomed have been here longer thanhim:D:D
Ok this is killin' me CHAS.R. Maybe I'm alittle slow. What does the name represent? Inside Joke? Is this an Insurance joke? HELP|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walmart greeter, very funny by the way. At least you guys have a sense of humor :-)


the edge!