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I'm an independent agent who is new to the Health insurance in NC. I am currently appointed with one company, but looking to expand. What I would like to know is the current payout structure: e.g. what percentage is reasonable and very good for the agent?
How much do the "marketing organizations" get from the health companies. Each company many be different, so what payout should I expect from a marketing agent for a Humana and Wellpath appointment.

Over the years I run across my share of insurance slime and I just don't want to get shortchanged from the "marketing organizations", and have found health insurance payout to be very small compared with my 100% life business. I am new to this forum and have search this topic and found little to nothing, hope I'm not breaking a "Cardinal sin"! As I have found the Insurance payout to be so taboo and secretive, no-one wants to be honest and tell you "HOW MUCH THEY ARE MAKING OFF YOUR WORK"!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I hear "see your up-line" I just feel like bending over, answers like that I just know I'm getting screwed.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest!

Please shed some light on my ignorance!

Thank you for your time.

Well health insurance is different the life insurance in the aspect that you usually get appointed straight through the carrier there are a few exceptions to that but the majority you did. Commission range for the most part 15% to 25% for most carriers.
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Try to get appointed with BC/BS of NC. From what I understand, they dominate the market in NC. However, I think you need a certain amount of experience for them to give you an appointment.

If you want to know what commissions are, call the carriers themselves and find out what they offer if you get appointed directly with them. Then compare that to what is being offered by these "marketing organizations" you're referring to.

If you can generate your own prospects, you want to shop for contracts carefully so you get the best possible compensation for yourself.
To Clarify: I'm on a 20% contract with a couple companies and would like to increase my margins per application. Knowledge, or having a intelligent idea of the marketing agencies take would help me negotiate new contracts from a position of strength.

For example, if I know the insurance company pays out 25% to the marketing agency then I'd know how far I can push, if the payout is 35-40% I can push much harder. I'm just trying to be fair to to me!

There is no shame for ethics and honesty.
Surely there must be someone in this forum without the "keep them stupid" attitude!

Thank you for your time.
Take a deep breath and then exhale.

I can only speak for my last post here but how did I attempt to foster a "keep them stupid" attitude?

Your reasoning isn't bad, but just because one hierarchy or "marketing agency" makes 35-40% doesn't necessarily mean you can just negotiate for 33% etc. You can but won't likely get it. For example, Assurant is going to offer 25% if you go direct as your own GA and commit to 100,000 in annualized premium. As a GA, that's it. There's no more negotiation. If I'm incorrect about that, I'm sure someone will let us know shortly.
Like I said in the first post, call the carriers and find out what the top contract is if you go direct through them and not through a Managing General Agent (MGA) or "marketing agency."
newmindfashion, thank you and you have been helpful and intelligently respectful. I think you understand what I'm asking.

I'm not trying to be unreasonable and I have no interest in starting my own GA. Frustrated, yes, disclosure is like pulling teeth. No, GA's are not "expected" to disclose their profit margin, but that is a separate issue from me wanting to know! Personally, I have no problem telling my clients what I make and I'm not cheap! I just don't know why this is such a problem with the GA's. Well, I think I know, but I don't care to go there! I'd appreciate and respect "its none of your business" answer rather than a guilt trip of "be happy with what you get"...such reasoning just illustrates one's IQ and ethics. That is my opinion.

Again, newmindfashion, thank you for your input and your time.