Sorry, I don't know. But I do know in the last two months they've sent me a few envelopes full of stuff. They seem new to me.
Just curious what others think of HealthConnect? I have been using them for a few week now and I like it quite a bit. But the lack of linking to your own online applications is a bother.

I still maintain Norvax but HealthConnect has some carriers that Norvax doesn't.
They are a private exchange for benefits. Cannot comment about Rogers, but they are similar to BenefitMall, who is also transitioning (or may be there now) to a private exchange.

There will be many varieties of private exchanges so as new ones become operational it may take on a different look and feel. Think of them as single source to obtain benefits, some will use brokers, some will not, some will offer fully insured only, some will not. My guess is that if you find 100 Private Exchanges, you will find 100 ways to operate a PE.
I currently use Rogers Benefit Group as a GA for my group business with Blue Shield of California. I have been working with this GA since they were called "Pat Rogers and Associates" in the early 80's.
Because of my association with Rogers, I get free access to the HealthConnect quote engine.
I use HealthConnect for IFP to quote and email quotes. Prospects can clink on a hyperlink in the email and apply directly online with, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Ca , Aetna.