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I have a very good friend of mine turning 65 and is wanting a supplement. He asked about help for hearing aids, and from what i understand no help from medicare and a supplement for hearing aids.

Do any of the MA plans offer help with hearing aids? I don't sell them, and could not find anything online if any plans cover hearing aids.
You may want to look at WellCare's MA plans. They have dental, hearing and vision benefits. The hearing benefit includes benefits for hearing aids. Make sure that he doesn't base his decision totally on these benefits, but they should help.

Here is a link to a benefit breakdown. Look at page 16.

Hope it helps...

He should look at the full benefits and where he can use the hearing aid benefit before enrolling in the plan.
All depends where you live...check the Medicare website for MA plans in your area.

Humana and Coventry will give the client $500 for hearing aids every 3 years here in the KC metro.

Some PFFS plans also give $ for hearing aids.

The best thing that your friend can do is shop around. Hearing aids run $300 (reman) - $1000+ per hearing aid.
If he is a veteran,he may be able to get them through the VA. About 8 years ago, the VA had a program of free hearing aids if the veteran was in the VA Health System. The hearing loss did not have to be service connected. I took advantage of the program when my brother who was an officer in an American Legion post told me about it. The only downside at that time was that it entailed an 80 mile roundtrip to the Coatesville VA Medical Center from where I live. Susequently, the program was`extended to the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. I don't know if it is still available to new enrollees inasmch as Dubya has been busy reducing the VA benefits.