Hello All, Another Green Pea Question.


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I am fairly new to the health arena and the forum. I am in need of some feedback from you veterans please. I would like to know which is the best outfits to write health through, there are so many. USA Benefits Group, AHCP, American Select, the Producers Alliance. All of which I found on the forum in one way or another. I have found this forum to be a great help to gather knowledge. Thanks in advance.
If you are writing INDIVIDUAL Health Insurance why would you write through anyone? I would avoid the middle man at all costs and appoint directly with the carrier unless you are trying to do some captive career or something?

It really just depends WHAT YOU want to do before those questions can be answered.
I agree with TXIns.
I recommend you check out HealthAgent's post on doing individual health insurance. I think that thread is in the General Insurance Agents discussion section. This will give you an idea what you're up against.

BTW, what is a Green Pea question mean?
Green Pea = New Agent/the new guy. I guess it doesn't help to use foreign slang in America. Sorry about that.