hello everyone im brand new with a life and health license


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hello my name is dan i just passed my life and health insurance in tenn. but im moving to virginia in 2 weeks. ive already looked into how to transfer my license to virginia that is not what i need help with. ive been reading this website for some time. ive read every post. ive decided to go private and become an independent agent rather than work with a company. so yes ive never worked in insurance field. and yes i hardly have any start up cash for leads. however i am a hard worker my background is in marketing i worked for a marketing firm for 2 yrs putting in 70- 85 hrs a wk so i am not afraid to work hard i think ive decided ill be targeting the senior market but i am open to sell to all types of people now i somewhat have an idea of what im suppose to do but not really
i am looking for some advice in exactly what should i do when i move to virginia... hand out flyers, door to door, telemarket,what companies to represent, how to get training, etc etc etc. i am willing to do all these. i just understand that being organized is crucial so i need help making a schedule for myself so i can train myself to a routine any advice would
also hello everyone i loveeeeee this site i came acroos one day just searching the web for info and it is by far the best thing ever for knowledge of the insurance field whoever came up with this idea really put together something special
Nice to have you on board.

Med supps is a nice niche market to be invovled in if you put the time into it, I have't done much with it myself but I know a few agents who have and have done well with it.
Where in VA will you be moving? There is a company in MD that also operated in VA that has a pretty good senior operation, they provide decent leads, and they have contracts will all of the companies. I don't personally do anything with seniors, but I use them as my group health wholesaler and they are very honest.

The company is IMC, and I can give you more info if you are interested.
Give me a call tomorrow at 301-592-8283 and I will put you in touch with the right people. Falls Church is pretty close to their office.
thanks that would be great melmunch

and also anyone else viewing this post please reply with some input it would greatly appreciated i want to learn as much as possible from everyone im looking forward to it
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I would advise you to read every post on this board that you think applies to your situation. Probably will take a few weeks but it will save you a lot of time and aggravation.