Hello from Lancaster, PA - Home of the "Fightin' Amish"


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Hi All,

Just wanted to say Hi, new to the foum. I'm still a newbie to the biz (1 year), so I'll be looking forward to getting some tips and info.


Hi Blues. I was born and raised in Harrisburg. Lancaster County has very good health insurance rates. UHC (AMS...cough...cough) is terrific and Aetna isn't bad either. BC is OK, but their commish is lousy.

I love Weird Al, but I have to admit growing up in rural Ohio I came to admire my Amish neighbors. They live a simple low stress life and produce some of the best quality woodworking on earth. They farmed organic way before it was considered the best for our health. They do use electricity and fossil fuels now, but I'm sure they could easily live without it if it came down to it. Some still go without the utility companies. Considering how lost all of us internet agents would be without the power grid, we shouldn't laugh too hard. We could be up a creek real fast like a few years ago with the east coast black out. Time to think about getting a windmill in my back yard.