Hello from Missouri


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Hello, everyone.
I've been lurking for quite a while so I though I should come out in the open and say hello.
I am at the dawn of my insurance career, after speaking with a few of you and doing all the research I could find. I have decided to enter the senior marketplace as an independent agent aligning with a FMO.
I chose seniors because I have enjoyed prior experience with direct marketing to seniors.
Personally, I am a happily married Christian father of five that enjoys playing the guitar, outdoor life, racing motorcycles and teaching childrens church.
I hope to be a part of this discussion panel for years to come.
Greetings From LA

That would be Lower Alabama. Been a lurker here for some time and come in and find the site has changed its look. Looking forward to a prosperous time here.
I am henry I too are a lurker i am aspiring to become an independent agent! i want to say how much i enjoy your forum, its very interesting. I look forward to learning from you guys.
Hey Guys,

Welcome all. Hands down, this is the best L&H insurance board I have ever run across. Please ask any and all questions you can think of. Often it is the "new kid on the block" that brings questions up that we all can learn from.

Hey Slick, I'm in the Show Me State also, and in the senior market. Started in Springfield, moved to St. Charles and am now in Fulton. You anywhere in my neighborhood? I've been chasing seniors for about 15 years. Give me a call if I can help.