Hello from Myrtle Beach, SC


I have been in the insurance industry for 5 years.

I am originally from upstate NY and moved to South Carolina last summer. I used to work for a large insurance company in NY. I did not SELL insurance but I was very involved in working with the sales team. I always wanted to start selling but working on commission alone has stopped me. I do have a passion for the insurance industry and have been very strict regarding compliance issues especially when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans....

I need some advise on how to get started. How much can I expect to make first year? What company would be good to start with? Can you please tell me about AFLAC, AIG, ASSURANT....? Thank you.

Also, I have been finding these posts very helpful!
Insurance in NY is like a different planet. I wouldn't be of much help. From what I've been told the rules are very odd regarding many forms of insurance and the individual health market regarding agents making living is apparently non-existent.
I am no longer residing in New York. I have moved to South Carolina and not currently licensed but wanted to get info regarding the DO'S and DON'Tof a licensed insurance agent before I jump into it. They are offering the pre-licensing exam in my area in two weeks..and then not again until October. I could also take it online...does anyone have information regarding online courses?

So if anyone can help...I would greatly appreciate it! I guess I'm learning to stay away from those ads on Career Builder that promise $100,000 first year. I actually would be happy making $35,000 - $50,000 first year. Is that reasonable? Should I contact a local agency?

Thank you!
I might be able to help you get started in Myrtle Beach. At least enough to get through the classes and get licensed.

Give me a call anytime,
Welcome aboard.
I did all my pre-licensing on line. I found that I could do it at my own pace. Really good information.