Hello from Nevada

Hello from Reno,

I recenetly passed my Life and Health exam and my license arrived the other day. I currently work at a local not for profit health insurance company that is part of one of our local hospitials. I'm an enrollment rep who does unglorified hand holding and data entry. I became interested in selling insurance when there were several open positions at my company in Sales. I got my license but by the time I was ready to apply for a promotion, the jobs were all filled.
So I was stuck, I thought, but I've realized that I really do enjoy health insurance and my nuts and bolts knowledge of the business would actually help me succeed.
I've got to keep a roof over my head otherwise I think I would quit my job and sell full time. I must say that reading the posts at this cite has really given me the confidence to go independent. I've been offered a position at a local small local insurance company who are looking to expand their group health business.
I'm so excited to finally have an opportunity to really work for myself and see some rewards. I was in food and beverage management for years and now I see I was always at the mercy of office politics and hard work mattered a lot less then who liked you.
I think I'm finally old enough to believe in myself, now if I can just convince my boss to keep me employed while I'm training for another job so that I can quit my current job. I don't think that is how I'm gonna put it to her.