Hello from Northern Virginia


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Don; I'm from Prince William County in Virginia. I am 50 years old and considering a career change into insurance sales.

I have been perusing the net for information on how to get started in the business in Virginia, but I still have many questions that remain unanswered. Is one required to take a class or be employed by an insurance company before one can take the test? Who offers classes besides insurance companies for their employees?

I have enjoyed, and learned from, what I've read in here so far, and I hope to learn much more as I meet new people.

Hi Don,

I'm not from Virginia, but here is a website you can check out for more info on getting licensed and what not. I just recently passed the test in Michigan. In Michigan, we have to take a pre-licensing class before taking the state exam. That site should give you a good idea for the licensing procedures in your state.


You don't have to be affiliated with a company to take the test. There are many licensing company's out there who handle the pre-licensing. I used www.license2go.com to get my pre-licensing out of the way. I passed my test on the first try, and their info was very in depth!

Hope this info helps!

Thanks, Nathan,

I had already found the site your first link directed me to, but your second link looks very helpful. I will probably sign up for that.

Thanks again for your help.