Hello From Seattle


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Hi Everyone,
I am a relatively new P&C agent from Issaquah,Wa for people that do not know the area I generally say that I am from the Seattle area( actually
about 10 miles due east ).
I have been a producer for Allstate the last 5 months and things have been pretty slow at this agency, so I did an interview last week with a Geico agent and have decide to go to work for him. My hope is the busier enviroment will continue to teach me the biz and make me more proficient as we go along. I have interest in health,
commercial and life lines...also, but right now one thing at a time.
And yes it is raining:wideeyed:

Welcome aboard Jason! I grow up in Seattle but im residing in California now. Im new here as well so hope you would enjoy your stay just like I do.