Help for newbie selling Medicare Advantage (Mediblue, etc)

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I am a 15 year Individual/Small Group Insurance salesman with my own brokerage that has just decided to start doing Medicare Advantage Plans. So, here are a couple questions I would appreciate thoughts on:

-I am going to be doing primarily Anthem and Aetna and I was wondering if there are any important info/procedural issues I should be aware of before enrolling applicants. I did all the pre-cert wotk and think I get it in general but don't want to screw up any paperwork, etc.

-These "enrollment periods" I have read about, how relevant are they to new applicants or are they more related to someone who is replacing an existing MA plan?

-Any other important items I should be discussing with applicants (I don't want to leave anything out!).
While I do not have Blue Anthem out here, I can tell you about the enrollment times.

Nov 15 - Dec 31 is for people to change their MA, MAPD, or PDP plans for a Jan 1 effective date.

Jan 1 -March 31 is for people to change MAPD plan to MAPD plan, or to take a PDP plan and choose a MAPD plan.

April 1 is lock in for the remainder of the year.

Hope this helps!